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If you are in the guild already, but not registered on the site click here!!! Use your PSN username it makes things easier. Once you are confirmed you will be granted your permissions and you will then need to add your characters... to do that go to roster and then select characters and add new.

For those who wish to join our guild know that we are a free to play guild you will not be asked to buy anything for us but you are required to play regularly and donate to the coffer and banks. We are a bunch of mostly young adults, we are always on the grind. English is spoken in all of our chats and as of now we are mostly Americans and Canadians, we are open to other nationalities. Time zone doesn't matter as someone is always online.

We are looking to recruit Devoted Clerics, Healadins and Tanks, in order to join you must have at least one character lvl 30 or higher and be playing on the PS4. Apply to the site by clicking here, you will be prompted to create an account which will register you to this site. Please fill out the application in full and allow up to 48hrs for your guild invite. You should receive the invite much sooner but sometimes things happen. Be sure to review our rules as well.

If there is a problem with the site or you didn't receive an invite feel free to send a psn message to dorito_777 or email Thank you and stay classy my friends!


Who is on Discord right now???
For more information go to: Alliance Chat info
Discord, Official Alliance Chat!!!
For more information go to: Alliance Chat info