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The description next to each rank is the requirements you must meet to be promoted to and maintain that rank


Rank 1 Crimson Peasant: This is a probationary rank, Be active and meet the minimum weekly donations
Rank 2 Crimson Shinobi: Stay active and contribute more that the minimum required influence and gems
Rank 3 Crimson Ronin: Lvl 60, Participation in Alliance events, Guild Events, Registered and posting on the website
Rank 4 Crimson Samurai: Lvl 70, Recommendation from an Officer, Minimum 1 month in guild and regular coffer donations (having discord helps)


Rank 5 Crimson Diamyos: Weekly Hosting of Influence, Dragonflight, or Siege, Minimum 3 months in Guild, and using our discord server regularly
Rank 6 Crimson Shogun: Long-Term loyal members who assist lower ranks and are knowledgeable about the game
Rank 7 Crimson Emperors: Reserved for Guild Founders


* For all Ranks the previous requirements still apply
* Some exceptions may be made to requirements on a case by case basis
* New members will be promoted to Rank 2 automatically if they apply on our website and to our DISCORD server
Have you checked out The Gathering Storm Discord Server?

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